LASER ART competition 2013

Announcing the Winner of the Max Stone ART COMPETITION


Laser Swimmers

€€25€€ iTunes voucher for the winning entry

Sponsored by Advance Science

The team at Advance Science had a tough time picking the winning entry and the winner by just one vote is Kraaxor ….by Jack

”Once alone, the leader of
the Kaemon Klann, the tallest and meanest of them all by far, rubbed his scaly
hands together dreaming of a delicious breakfast of interfering earth boy.  It would be a sweet treat and oh how he hated

Jack's Entry - the Ranguilla

Jack’s Entry – the Ranguilla

Max Stone by JessMax Stone by Jess

Gran pic by Liam

Gran by Liam

Max by Claudia

Max Stone by Claudia

Fight Cat by Liam

Max on the Fight Cat attacking the Kaemon Warrior by Liam

The Dreadded Kraaxor by Jack

From Ciara

Map of Zirdon by LiLu… the aged effect!!

another of Gran

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